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Welcome to the personal web site of Dustin C. Hatch. By profession, I am a system administrator, working with Windows and Linux systems and software. By hobby, I am many things, including Free Software supporter, Gentoo Linux user, web developer, musician, and tinkerer.

I offer quality professional IT Consulting services to small and medium businesses in Kansas City.

Recent Blog Posts

Minimalist Gentoo Builds, Revisited

Sun 13 Jul 2014
Last year (wow, time files), I posted a guide for building minimalist Gentoo systems for embedded devices like the Raspberry Pi using crossdev. The process I outlined there, while functional, was unweildy and confusing, and fell apart if you wanted …Full Post

"CA SystemEdge: over-priced, over-hyped, over-engineered, under-developed, under-capable, with big..."

Fri 11 Oct 2013
“CA SystemEdge: over-priced, over-hyped, over-engineered, under-developed, under-capable, with big promises and small benefits”Full Post

Render reStructuredText Directly to Firefox

Sat 26 Jan 2013
reStructuredText is awesome. Anytime I need to write something in plain text, I mark it up using rST. It looks nice in plain text form, and can be rendered to HTML for improved presentation. Sometimes, as I am working on a document, I’d like to see…Full Post

Minimalist Gentoo for the Raspberry Pi

Mon 17 Dec 2012
I’ve spent the last several days working on a minimalist build of Gentoo Linux for my Raspberry Pi. By minimalist, I mean only the absolute smallest set of packages required to boot and log in. I intend to build another MPD Appliance, or something s…Full Post

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