Cancel Time Warner/Spectrum

Called Spectrum to cancel Internet service. As I expected, the representative tried very hard to get me to change my mind. I told her I was frustrated that

  1. My bill has gone up $10/month every year, and it is now $109/month for 300 Mbit/sec service
  2. The same service isn't even available any more to new customers, but 400Mbit/sec is available for less
  3. AT&T is offering 1000Mbit/sec (symmetrical) for $59/month

She was very concerned because I have been a Time Warner customer for 13 years! She spent quite a long time searching for options. She finally offered me 400Mbit/sec service for $69/month. I rejected this proposal, since AT&T is so much cheaper. I also asked for a reimbursement for the extra $10/month the last 5 months; the price changed from $99/month to $109/month in April. She said that would not be possible, so I said there is no way I would continue being a Spectrum customer in that case.

Service is supposed to be terminated 3 September 2020.

I a bit sad to switch away, having had the same account since 2007. I never really had any trouble with Time Warner's service, and I really hope AT&T can match that reliability.