Perceptive Software (2013)

Perceptive Software is a software development company in Shawnee, KS. At the time I worked there, it was a subsidiary of Lexmark International, Inc. As a member of the System Administrator team, I was responsible for maintaining the internal IT systems that served employees in the Shawnee headquarters building. Mostly Windows-based systems, these servers were housed in an on-premises data center. My primary focus was the consolidation and relocation of systems to a new campus. This project involved countless migrations of systems from physical machines to virtual machines or cloud instances, application redeployments, and sunsetting of disused services.

System Administrator

  • Install and maintain hundreds of physical machines in on-premises data center
  • Manage Dell blade center and blade servers
  • Deploy Zabbix to Windows servers using custom MSI package and Windows Server Update Services
  • Integrate Perceptive Active Directory domain with Lexmark corporate IDM solution
  • Identify and contact owners and use cases of all on premises hardware in order to determine what to move to new data center