Supertechs (2007–2011)

Supertechs was a locally-owned computer repair shop in Kansas City, MO. I started work there in college, working on consumer equipment. Customers brought in all manner of machines from brand new laptops to ancient desktop towers to fancy all-in-one iMacs. As an in-shop repair technician, I removed viruses and other malware, fixed misbehaving software applications, replaced failed or defective hardware, and assembled custom computer systems. Later, I moved into an on-site role, where I worked with small businesses to deploy server and network equipment, integrate systems, and maintain applications. Eventually, as Supertechs grew, I became responsible for the company's internal systems and network infrastructure, and developed internal software to manage and automate business-critical operations

Network Administrator

  • Design and implement multi-site network for locations in Kansas City, KS, Kansas City, MO, and Omaha, NE
  • Install and maintain server virtualization infrastructure using VMware Server 2.0 on Gentoo Linux
  • Install and maintain network infrastructure hardware including Netgear ProSafe switches, Cisco 1841 routers
  • Install and maintain Asterisk VoIP system running on CentOS Linux using Polycom IP phones
  • Design and automate business intelligence reports from service data and call records stored in PostgreSQL and MySQL databases
  • Automate and schedule Windows and Linux administration tasks using Windows PowerShell, Bash, and Python scripting languages
  • Administer Microsoft Active Directory 2008 domain—policy configuration and account operations
  • Support email system using Microsoft Exchange 2007
  • Supervise repair technician teams and customer service representatives
  • Construct comprehensive system infrastructure and usage documentation

Level II Service Technician

  • Design, install, and maintain networks for small businesses, based on Windows Server
  • Upgrade and migrate existing infrastructure solutions to modern systems
  • Communicate service recommendations to customers
  • Perform computer service tasks such as operating system installation, application repair, library recovery, and malware removal